crumbool luxury carpet underlay made in the UK

The ultimate in comfort, safety and sustainability

Crumbwool takes new carpet (the offcuts from british carpet manufacturers that otherwise go to landfill), this is recycled into fibre, recycled tyres are added...

Crumbwool is created

100% high-grade recycled materials

You don’t see Crumbwool™ but you know it’s there working to provide a soft, safe and comfortable home. Crumbwool™ contains wool which has been rescued from going to landfill. This new pure wool is what’s left over when British carpet companies make wool textiles and it is perfect for creating soft yet durable underlay that provides amazing benefits. The reclaimed fibre in Crumbwool™ provides you and your home with all the benefits of wool and is the perfect enhancement to your Laneve™ carpet. The rubber backing is reclaimed tyres which gives you the perfect balance of stability and softness.

Crumbwool and Laneve


Crumbwool is the only carpet underlay recommended by Wools of New Zealand for use with Laneve branded carpets.

The full transparency of where the product originates and where it is made
is a perfect fit with Laneve.
All Laneve textiles can be traced back to the farms where the wool was grown.

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Crumbwool is manufactured in the UK by Anglo Recycling Technology Limited

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