crumbool luxury carpet underlay made in the UK

Crumbwool takes new carpet (the offcuts from british carpet manufacturers that otherwise go to landfill), this is recycled into fibre, recycled tyres are added...

Here is what it does...

Sound Insulation

Wool absorbs sound from the air while rubber absorbs noise from footsteps. crumbwool is the perfect noise insulator.

Increases Carpet Lifetime

A good underlay reduces the impact of traffic on your carpet and will keep it looking great for years. Crumbwool is designed to give wool carpets miximum life expectancy.

Absorbs Toxins

Wool actually absorbs nasty chemicals from the air like formaldehyde and locks then away for up to 30 years.

Reduce Home Heating Costs

Wool is a fantastic heat insulator and will stop heat escaping through the floor.

The ultimate in comfort, safety and sustainability.